Start a Tax Business to Generate a Year's Income in Just Three Months

The #1 Tax Preparation Course to build an extra income
stream fast without previous experience!
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Every American is Your Potential Client

Taxes Aren’t Going Away. From Big Cities to Small Towns, Over 150 Million Americans File Taxes Each Year
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Everyone Has To File Taxes

People are already looking for tax preparers to file their taxes - why not let it be you?

Make Money From The Start

Most businesses take months be profitable - You can turn a profit with your first tax client

  • We make learning taxes easy!
    With our interactive learning course, built in community and extensive resource guides, we make learning taxes a breeze. 

  • Plug Numbers Into Tax Software
    If you can plug in numbers into a software, you know how to do taxes. It’s THAT EASY!

  • Boom! You and Your Client Profit
    You get a big piece every time someone receives their tax return

Google and Pharrell Williams Support WizWorld

Google and Pharrell Williams recognized our success in building a multi-million dollar tax business and believe in our mission to help others achieve the same success with our tax software
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Our Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Course Take?

Beginning the course and completing all tax and business modules takes less than six weeks with about one hour of work a day!

I Don't Have Enough Time To Complete The Course

he self-paced courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule, allowing you to learn at your own pace. We've had various students, from nurses to parents to 9-5 employees, complete the courses and start making money.

I Think Taxes Are Hard To Understand

The tax and business courses are designed to be accessible and easy to understand, with some of our graduates even finding them simpler than their 6th-grade math classes. You will also join a closed group, so you have 24-hour access to your instructors and peers!

I Am Scared of Messing Up Someone's Taxes

With our live and personal training, you'll gain the skills and confidence to file taxes accurately. You will be able to do taxes with your eyes closed!

I Don't Know Anything About Taxes, Is This For Me

Some of our students have told us that the tax learning modules were easier than their 7th-grade science class.

We've built a multi-million dollar tax season, and we are sharing every knowledge and secret with you.

In addition, the free software and face-to-face coaching you will receive will guide you in every step of your tax season!