Entering State Forms: Arkansas

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These are the steps on how to enter State Forms.

  • Under 'State Information' details (from the Main Information Sheet), if you put a full-year resident in Arkansas (AR), you'll see the corresponding state forms you need to fill up appear in red.
A. How to Enter Form AR 1000F Pg 1

  1. For Form AR1000F Pg 1, all you need to do is to look for the red cells that need to fill in.

  2. For this scenario (Refer to the sample form below), the taxpayer did not change his last name in 2021, and the filing status is Head of the Family. Those with green checks will be answered on this page. 
3. On page 2, should the taxpayer want to file the return electronically, then Yes. Otherwise, No.

4. For the next question, we prefer to choose, “ Check here if you do not want direct deposit of your state refund.”

5. Lastly, choose if this return is for the taxpayer or the spouse. 

6. If no more forms are in red, you're done!