Entering Dependent Care Information

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These are the Steps in Entering Dependent Information

A. How to add Form 2441

From the Main Information Sheet, under Dependends / Nondependents information, once you click the DC (Dependent Care) column, you'll see that Form 2441 appears. Click it to open.
2. Here's another way to add form, locate the '+' sign at the upper left under the 'Tax Returns' tab.

3. Type in 2441  and click the correct form.
B. How to fill up Form 2441

1. You need to know the Care Provider's name, address, ID SSN or EIN, and the amount paid. Enter it all in
  Part I #1. 
2. Then fill up under 'Information about your qualifying person(s),' and should you need to know more about what to input in every cell, you can always check the 'Help'' icon.