Entering State Forms: Kentucky

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These are the steps on how to enter State Forms : Kentucky

  • Under 'State Information' details (from the Main Information Sheet), if you put a full-year resident in Kentucky (KY), you'll see the corresponding state forms you need to fill up appear in red.
A. Form KY 740 Pg 3

On this page, do the following steps.

  1. If the Taxpayer wants to file this return electronically, click Yes.
  2. Choose ‘The income tax return.’
  3. Then, the last question should be No.
B. Form KY 8879-K

  1. Under 'Direct Deposit of Refund or Direct Debit of Tax Amount Due,' we prefer to choose the option where the refund is deposited into a different account.

  2. Then, enter the bank details as needed. Please make sure they are 100% correct.
C. If the Taxpayer has two states of residency in a year, you need to fill it up as shown below; the state forms you need to enter will automatically appear.