Entering State Forms: Oregon

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These are the steps on how to enter State Forms: Oregon

  • Under 'State Information' details (from the Main Information Sheet), if you put a full-year resident in Oregon (OR), you'll see the corresponding state forms you need to fill up appear in red.
A. Form OR 40 Pg 5

  • See below for details.
B. Form OR 40 Pg 6

  1. If the Taxpayer wants to file this return electronically, click Yes.

  2. Under 'Direct Deposit,' we prefer to choose the option where the refund is deposited into a different account.

  3. Then, enter the bank details as needed. Please make sure they are 100% correct.
C. Form OR 40 Pg 7

  • On this page, you just need to put the preparer's name then you're done.
D. Form OR EF Pg2

  • On this page, enter the ERO License number, then you're done.
E. If the Taxpayer has two states of residency in a year, you need to fill it up as shown below; the state forms you need to enter will automatically appear.